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Posted August 6, 2017

FOR SALE:  All the looms can be viewed at Paradise Fibers during business hours. Need to ask about them at the desk, since they are not in the showroom yet (but in the building).  Local purchase only. 225 W Indiana, Spokane WA 99205.  509-536-7746.

Table loom:  20″ wide with four shafts, in good working order. The brand is unknown, but appears to be commercially made. Cost $300






Floor loom:  31″ wide, 4 shafts and a very nice loom. It needs some tie-up configuration help. It has some nice shuttles and sticks. It is homemade and well thought out with high quality components (cogs, handles, etc.) Cost $600






Schacht Baby Wolf:  4 shaft. Looks like new return or floor model. Includes trap, sticks, shuttles.  $1150.







Floor loom:  4 shaft, 36″ wide. Repaired, complete and ready to go. Includes sticks and shuttles.  $700.







Posted August 4, 2017





FOR SALE:  Nilus LeClerc.  Total width is 72 inches, weaving width is 58 inches, 12 shaft, 14 treadles, metal heddles and the back beam is convertible to sectional.
Asking $2000 and buyer pays shipping.
Contact Viki at


Posted August 3, 2017








4 harnesses, 6 more can be added. 6 treadles, 40” weaving width, 8 and
12 dent reeds, 1200 steel heddles.  Bench with storage.  Very good condition.  Located in
Moscow, ID  $800.  Contact Barbara at 208-835-4240  or


Posted July 26, 2017

FOR SALE: Multiple looms (floor and table) and/or loom parts, spinning wheels.  Best offer, some free. Located in Nine Mile Falls.

For pictures and info, please contact Cindy at


Posted July 14, 2017

41″ 8-shaft Herald

  • Texsolv heddles and tie-ups
  • 10-dent reed
  • Detachable sectional beam
  • Folding back beam
  • All wood is in fabulous shape. Current warp not included. I’d love to trade for another 8+ shaft. This breast beam is a bit tall for me.

$1000 OBO or trade

Please email:

Posted May 27, 2017

FOR SALE: Leclerc 20″ vintage portable table loom to floor loom conversion.
4 harnesses, 6 treadles, wire heddles, one 12-dent reed.
Located in Spokane.
Contact Phyllis at 360-395-5735 or


Posted May 27, 2017

FOR SALE: Ullman 24″ portable floor loom – direct tie-up, 4 harnesses, one 12-dent reed.
Located in Spokane.
Contact Phyllis at 360-395-5735 or