Arlene Shines At the Fair!

Arlene Klotz’s handwoven vest took top honors at the 2013 Spokane Interstate Fair. SHG salutes this talented member!

Arlene says the fabric for this vest “was a joy to weave.” Here are the details:

  • The warp yarn used was “Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool Designer’s Choice.”
  • The weft was a peacock blue 8/2 wool.
  • An 8-dent reed was used at 2 per dent, so 16 epi.
  • The three bands between the red/orange stripes were woven in a Celtic Braid for the two fronts. (See close-up photo.)
  • The rest of the weaving is plain weave.
  • The back pieces and facings are all plain weave.
  • Finishing ¬†was a brisk hand washing and line dried. ¬†Shrinkage was 5%.
  • The warp was 20 1/4 inches wide and nearly 7 yards were needed for the 2 fronts, 2 backs and the facings.
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